• Dessert cake with fruit on the side
  • Exterior, view from the street
  • Snacks with grilled sliced meat and salad
  • Interior, tables lined up
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About us

Bow’s Taste of Belize is the passion of Aaron & Kim Bowen, both from Belize, currently living in the Houston area. The restaurant was created out of a desire to spotlight Belize, its fascinating culture, diverse ethnic population, and a delectable array of mouth-watering dishes, in the Houston area. The ambiance of Bow’s transports guests into the heart of Belize, showcasing its ethnic groups– Mayan, Mestizo, Garifuna, Creole, Mennonites – amid the captivating sights and sounds of our jungle plants and animals. The dining experience will reward customers’ palate with delectable dishes from across the culinary spectrum of Belize. It will provide a stimulating atmosphere to immerse oneself in the elegant latticework of different peoples that proudly call Belize “HOME”. Through our non-profit “FREED – Foundation to Reform, Educate and Enable the Disadvantaged”, guests will be able to purchase products made by the local artists in Belize, knowing that they are making a charitable contribution to the various groups in Belize, who will benefit from the proceeds of the purchase. http://www.jewelsofbelize.com/

We are currently linked with the Indian Creek Mayan Arts Women’s Group, from Indian Creek, Toledo District, and various Garifuna, Creole, and Mestizo painters and craftsmen/women from all ethnic groups. FREED’s ultimate goal is to bring these groups to the forefront and help them to achieve their economic and financial goals to improve their lives in the rural areas that they live.